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Hairnets are used to restrain hair for all types of applications from foodservice to janitorial. They are a cooler alternative to a bouffant cap when full containment is not required. Cellucap is the largest manufacturer of hairnets in the world, and the only manufacturer in North America. It can take an entire day to thread a hairnet machine, and for some nets, the operator must thread 2800 holes before the knitting process can begin. Our hairnets offer unbeatable product value, affordable quality, optimal fit and comfort. All of our hairnets are all made with latex free elastic. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, weights and colors to suit your preference and budget. Our customer service representatives are readily available if you need assistance in finding the right hairnet for your needs.

Please note that although flame retardant, our hairnets should NOT be used in applications where ArcFlash is required.